When and where are games and practices?

Games are typically played on Saturday unless there is a reschedule.  Our games are played at the Atoka Sports Complex at 2077 W. Liberty Rd. Atoka, OK 

Game Fields Location

We generally hold practices at the fields behind the Atoka Community Building.  Our practice times and days differ per team.  We try and hold a coaches and parents meeting at the beginning of the season to determine what time and day works best for each particular group.  Generally most teams wind up practicing on Tuesdays and Thursdays around or after 6 p.m., but each team is responsible for deciding their own date and time.

Practice Fields Location

We make an effort to not schedule games or practices for Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Estimated Game Time Schedule
U49 a.m. Saturdays
U5 - U610 a.m. Saturdays
U7 - U811 a.m. Saturdays
U9 - U101 p.m. Saturdays


Estimated Practice Schedule
U4Once a week
U5 - U62 times a week
U7 - U82 times a week
U9 - U102 times a week