An academy is when a club / association keeps a collection of players within an age group as opposed to placing them on individual teams.  The academy is a concept that is based on the professional soccer club systems from around the world.

This allows us to train the whole player, not just technique and athleticism.  The coaches will be able to instill a style of play that goes far beyond the kick-n-run style born out of the fear of a loss. The measurement of success in the youth academy format is on player performance, not merely game outcome.

Ages U8 and under will be Academy for the Fall 2021 season.

There is no end date to registration for academy, but the Spring season typically ends before Summer Break and the Fall Season typically ends before Thanksgiving Break.

Since Academy is all in house we can be more flexible with how many kids are actually needed to make a "team".  Generally speaking, at minimum 6 kids are needed to make a playing group, with the ideal number being closer to around 12.

We will not play external teams while playing in an Academy style format. All games will be located at the Atoka Sports Complex.