What age group will my child be in?

The U in an age group stands for Under.  So, if your child is 6U they must be 6 and Under to play in that division. Soccer years run Fall to Spring, so this playing year would be 20-21.  The age division is calculated by taking the playing year, so for this year 2021, and subtracting the players birth year. 

Here is a breakdown of the age groups for the 2020 - 2021 soccer year; 4U will be in the Little Kickers program, 5U and 6U will play in the 6U bracket, 7U and 8U play in the 8U bracket, and 9U and 10U play in the 10U bracket.  Generally age divisions are based on even years, i.e. 6U, 8U, 10U. etc.

Age GroupYear Born

As of 08/17/2020

Players are not allowed to play down an age division but they may play up.